‘People like you are the real termites’: Netizens brutally slam Raveena Tandon for mocking Agnipath protestors

There is a ruckus in the whole country regarding the central government’s new Agnipath Recruitment scheme. The most impact is being seen in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Train, bus, station were set on fire in many states.

Meanwhile actress Raveena Tandon started facing a backlash on the micro-blogging site almost immediately as she mocked protesting army aspirants.

Amid all of this, Actress Raveena Tandon who is an avid Twitter user who often shares her opinion on hot topics, has reacted to a video on Twitter, in which some people are seen opposing the Agnipath scheme. Mocking protestors, the KGF actress tweeted, “23-year-old aspirants protesting.”

Netizens brutally slam Raveena Tandon for mocking Agnipath protestors

However her tweet on this burning issue has not gone down well with a section of Twitter. The tweet left a section of Twitter irked and several netizens called out the actress for her take on the topic. Meanwhile, the tweet which garnered Raveena’s attention read, “People like you are the real termites in this country, What kind of logic is this, Brainless rich people, Speaking from privilege.”

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A user tweeted, “Come outside from your AC room and then see how retired/non retired parents are suffering,look at those children who drop out of school just because they can’t afford just because of inequality in society built by you all. Dont attempt to divert attempt to resolve issues.”

A user tweeted, “Erm… you mean I can’t protest for my son if need arises? You mean political parties also can’t protest for the people they’re representing? Weird.”

Another user tweeted, “High time celebrities should stop doing whataboutery on politics without any proper knowledge of understanding both sides!”

Check out some of the tweets:

Netizens brutally slam Raveena Tandon for mocking Agnipath protestors

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