Pawan Khera shuts down ex-BJP MP actor Paresh Rawal with his savage reply on Savarkar; Tweet goes viral

Pawan Khera shuts down ex-BJP MP actor Paresh Rawal: Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, a name that is bound to be controversial whenever it is taken. Political parties, leaders and even common people always get divided into two factions regarding Savarkar.

While one view considers Savarkar to be a brave freedom fighter and a cunning revolutionary, the other view opposes his ideology and calls him a coward, considering his hand in the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi along with his mercy petitions to Britishers.

Today is the birth anniversary of this Hindutva icon. Savarkar was born on 28th May 1883 in Maharashtra. On this occasion, apart from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, many leaders of the BJP paid tribute to Savarkar today.

Famous actor and former BJP MP Paresh Rawal also paid tribute to Savarkar on Twitter. He tweeted, ‘Veer Savarkar ji’. Along with this, he also used emoji with three folded hands with the tweet.

Taking a jibe at this, Congress party spokesperson Pawan Kher reacted and wrote, “Sir, it was nine times, not three times.” while pointing to the three emojis with folded hands used by the actor. It is being taken to mean that in Indian civilization, a person apologizes with folded hands. Let us tell you that Savarkar’s critics allege that he had written nine mercy petitions to the British government for his release from jail.

Pawan Khera shuts down ex-BJP MP actor Paresh Rawal

Paresh Rawal, while responding to Pawan Khera’s tweet, quoted John Lennon and wrote, “Pawan ji, you should not hate what you cannot understand. The war of words did not end here. Pawan Khera gives another savage reply to Rawal’s response tweet. Khera tweeted, “By that logic, you should hate nothing. – Pawan Khera”

Pawan Khera shuts down ex-BJP MP actor Paresh Rawal

This tweet of Pawan Khera has set social media on fire. People are sharing this response of Pawan Kher fiercely calling it a savage reply.

Pawan Khera shuts down ex-BJP MP actor Paresh Rawal

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