Patna Junction Scandal: Passengers left embarrassed as dirty video plays for 3 minutes, sparks flood of memes on social media

Embarrassing news has emerged from Bihar, where p*rn videos were unexpectedly displayed on the LED screen located on platform number 10 of Patna Junction. The shocking aspect of the incident is that the pornographic content persisted for approximately three minutes. This obscene video was telecasted there was a huge crowd of passengers on different platforms of Patna Junction.

Seeing the obscene video, all present passengers were filled with embarrassment, causing them to walk aimlessly and lower their heads in discomfort. A concerned passenger then notified the Railway Protection Force (RPF) and the Government Railway Police (GRP) of the pornographic content being displayed. The authorities promptly took action and removed the pornographic video.

Furthermore, following the incident, the control room of the advertising agency responsible for the LED screen was inspected. The employees present in the room were found to be viewing pornographic films. However, in view of RPF, the individuals swiftly deleted the explicit video. The incident is being reported on Sunday.

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In response to the disgraceful event at Patna Junction, the railway swiftly took action. The Railways promptly acknowledged the matter and has canceled the tender of the company involved while also intending to blacklist them. Along with this, an FIR has been filed, and an ongoing investigation is underway. The Railways has registered two FIRs against Messrs Dutta Studios in relation to the incident.

Twitter quickly began to buzz with trending hashtags such as #Patna, #PatnaJunction, and #PatnaRailwayStation, as users shared humorous memes and jokes in response to the incident. The Twitterati referred to the scandalous display as “Pornhub to PatnaHub,” while sharing their comical perspectives on the ‘Patna Junction Porn Video’! In addition, the hashtag #Patnajunction has been trending since morning on Twitter.