Pathaan Box-office Collection: Big Slap to Boycott Gang, Earns Rs 100 Crore Worldwide On Opening Day

Pathaan Box-office Collection: When the first song from Pathaan, Besharm Rang, was released, Shah Rukh Khan faced a wave of backlash and hate. Several leaders from the BJP, including the home minister of Madhya Pradesh, threatened to block the film’s release. They and other members of their Hindutva group accused Shah Rukh of insulting Hindus through the song, prompting a campaign to boycott the film.

Despite these efforts, the Pathaan Day 1 Box Office Collection has resulted in record-breaking box office numbers just one day after its premiere. It appears that fans worldwide have eagerly been awaiting the return of Bollywood’s “Badshah” to the big screen after a four-year absence. The film is on track to reach the Rs 100 crore mark on its opening day at the worldwide box office, signaling a fantastic start for the film.

The Shah Rukh Khan-starred film Pathaan has made a splash at the box office, reportedly earning around Rs 100 crore worldwide on its opening day. The film has also reached the top spot in the UAE and Singapore. Additionally, Pathaan has reportedly surpassed $1 Million in the USA by Wednesday afternoon, breaking records and impressing audiences.

Trade analyst Ramesh Bala tweeted, β€œ#Pathaan takes a whopping β‚Ή 100 Crs+ gross opening at the WW Box office.. No.1 debut in UAE and Singapore.” 

Pathaan Box-office Collection: Earns Rs 100 Crore Worldwide On Opening Day

Pathaan has not only made a significant impact on the worldwide box office, but also on the Indian box office as well. According to reports, the film has generated over Rs 50 crore within India, which is more than half of its total earnings of Rs 100 crore.

The Box Office Worldwide reports that Pathaan is predicted to earn a staggering Rs 175 crore globally on its second day of release, indicating a continued success for the film.

Pathaan Box-office Collection: Earns Rs 100 Crore Worldwide On Opening Day

The release of ‘Pathaan’ on Republic Day could have potentially led to a larger opening day box office collection. However, by choosing to release the film on a Wednesday, Shah Rukh Khan has ensured a successful opening weekend for the film. Although it has had a slower start in certain regions such as Gujarat/Saurashtra, CP Berar, CI, and Rajasthan, it is expected to pick up in these areas. The film has received positive reception in the UP and Bihar markets and is expected to continue to see strong box office results moving forward.”