Pakistani Tik-Tok star Humaira Asghar shoots with burning forests behind, faces heat of social media

Humaira Asghar shoots with burning forests: The heatwave in Pakistan has made life difficult for the people. Fire is raining from the sky. Due to this there is a huge fire in the forests of Abbottabad. Pakistan’s Tik-Tok star Humaira Asghar has posted a video amidst these burning forests. For which she is getting to hear a lot on social media.

Actually, Tik-Tok star Humaira Asghar posted a video among the burning forests. In which she was wearing a silver ball gown dress. In the caption of this video, she wrote- ‘Wherever I go, there is a fire.’ After this, some people on social media accused her of setting fire. Later, Humaira’s manager clarified that she had not set fire and nothing was wrong in making videos. However, seeing the controversy growing, Humaira deleted this video from her account.

Pakistani Tik-Tok star Humaira Asghar shoots with burning forests behind

After it went viral, the @Pakistannature account has appealed to the Pakistani government to punish such Tik Tokers. It says, “This tiktoker from Pakistan has set fire to the forest for 15 sec video. Government should make sure that culprits are punished and the tiktoker along with the brand should be penalised.”

At the same time, some people have described this video as madness. One user wrote- This video that is giving the message is very dangerous. At the same time, another user has named Humaira’s antics stupid. Let us tell you that a person was arrested in the northwest city Abbottabad, a few days ago before the video of Humaira Asghar went viral.

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