Pakistani Tik-Tok Star Hareem Shah’s Private Videos Leaked On Social Media, Blames ‘Friends’

The private video of Pakistani Tik-Tok Star Harim Shah has gone viral on social media. Hareem Shah has confirmed the leaked video and accused Sandal Khattak and Ayesha Naaz of being responsible for making them viral.

According to Hareem, both individuals stole the videos from her mobile phone, and there was no third party involved in their release. Hareem Shah explained that the videos were private recordings made inside her apartment.

The leaked videos show Hareem Shah showering and performing inappropriate acts with an unidentified individual. “I filmed these videos myself on my mobile phone a few years ago. One of them was filmed in Karachi while another was made in Islamabad. But Sandal and Ayesha were living with me at that time and they had stolen my phone and saved the videos,” she said.

During an interview, Hareem Shah stated that she holds no enmity towards anyone. Additionally, she announced her intention to take legal action against those responsible for leaking the video, and to seek the assistance of the FIA in this matter. It is worth noting that Hareem Shah recently married Bilal Shah, whom she met for the first time at a function in Karachi.

Hareem Shah, 31, maintains an alluring Instagram profile and online presence that captivates her followers. Boasting more than a 200 thousand followers Instagram followers, she has established herself as a prominent influencer in the digital realm, earning recognition for her fashion acumen, sharp wit, and captivating content.

Shah, a social media sensation, has recently been in the spotlight for negative reasons. Her notoriety began when she displayed stacks of foreign currency notes in a viral video, and later recorded herself unpacking alcohol with her spouse. As a result, she attracted significant attention.