Pak news anchor couldn’t stop her laugh after guest compares size of ‘bananas’ of Mumbai and Sindh, video goes viral

A video of a Pakistani female news anchor (Pak news anchor) is becoming very viral on social media. This video is such that after watching it you will not be able to stop laughing. In fact, discussions are going on about the development of Pakistan on the show of the female news anchor. Just then, the man, who is discussing on the show, starts comparing the size of the bananas of Pakistan and India. At the same time, the female anchor starts laughing out loud. A video clip of this show is becoming very viral on social media.

Actually, this 54-second video has been shared with the Twitter handle named @nailainayat. In this video news anchor Alveena Agha is discussing the development problems of Pakistan with guest Khwaja Naveed Ahmed on the show.

Pak news anchor video

At the same time, Naveed starts talking about the size of the different varieties of bananas from both the countries. He speaks first of the size of bananas in Mumbai, then of bananas grown in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and then of Sindh province in Pakistan. He says, ‘Banana is growing a lot in Sindh, Pakistan, but if the landlords here do a little research, then Bombay’s banana (showing his palm) is so big that if 6 bananas are lying in the room, the fragrance spreads in the whole room, Similarly, Dhaka’s banana (showing the palm) is such a long bananaโ€ฆ whereas our Sindh has a banana as big as a finger.’

Just after Naveed Ahmed says this, she starts laughing out loud and keeps on laughing. Seeing her laughing, Naveed Ahmed also starts laughing. This video clip has got more than 10 thousand likes so far while it has been viewed more than 4 lakh times.

People are enjoying a lot seeing the hand gesture of the guest and commenting fiercely on this video.

Here are some of the reactions:

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