Oxford University cancelled Vivek Agnihotri’s event, rattled director accuses the university of ‘Hinduphobic’

Oxford University has barred filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri from giving lectures. He often speaks actively on his social media accounts and is currently on a ‘Humanity Tour’ in Europe. The director of ‘The Kashmir Files’ shared his experience on his Twitter account on Tuesday, saying that the word ‘Hindu’ is regulated. He said that “Yet another Hindu voice is curbed at HINDUPHOBIC @OxfordUnion.”

Film director Vivek Agnihotri himself tweeted and informed that he was refused to speak at an Oxford University program. Agnihotri said, “They have cancelled me. In reality, they cancelled Hindu Genocide & Hindu students who are a minority at Oxford Univ. The president elect is a Paksitani. Pl share & support me in this most difficult fight.”

Talking about the Oxford University event, the director said, “Just a few hours before, they said, ‘Sorry we made a mistake, there was a double-booking and we cannot host you today.’ And without even asking me, they changed the date to July 1, when no student would be there, and there is no point in doing an event. Are they cancelling me? They want to cancel the democratically elected Government of India, especially Narendra Modi. They want to label us as fascists and Islamophobic. As if killing thousands of Kashmiri Hindus was not Hinduphobic, but the film on the truth is Islamophobic. They are not cancelling me, they are cancelling the genocide and Hindus. Hindus are a minority in Oxford University, and this is the oppression of the minority.”

Earlier in another tweet, Agnihotri said that he had also visited Cambridge University and was informed at the last minute that video recording of the event would not be allowed. Referring to Cambridge University, he said that an attempt was made to cancel his program at a college there.

Agnihotri tweeted, “Last night fascist & Genocide-deniers tried to cancel my event at @FitzwilliamColl at @Cambridge_Uni. Btw, BOSE studied here. On protest, they allowed with the condition of no video recording. Someone recorded this clip as dissent. MORE DETAILS OF FASCISM AT UNIV COMING SOON.”

In the video, he also said that in his other address at Cambridge University, he was not allowed to record his speech.

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