Operation Ganga: Indian embassy officials asked distressed students to clean toilets in exchange for evacuation help!

Operation Ganga: Even after 9 days of the Russia-Ukraine war, not all Indian students stuck in Ukraine have been rescued. Thousands of Indian students are still trapped in conflict zones in Ukraine. Meanwhile, some Indian student who have returned from Ukraine have made serious allegations against the officials of the Indian Embassy. The students claimed that the Indian embassy asked students to clean toilets if they want to board flights for home. 

Pratibha Vinistia, a resident of Saharsa, Bihar, has said, “The people of Romania helped us well, gave us a place to stay and fed our stomach. We met the Indian Embassy people in Romania and they treated us very badly. They offered us that whoever cleans the toilets, they will be taken to India first and the rest of the people later.”

According to Pratibha, the students themselves had to take the initiative even to reach the Romania border. In order to take us to the borders, the bus drivers charged Rs 6 thousand from each student. Pratibha said, “After traveling 14 hours by bus, we reached the Romania border. The students were so tired that no one wanted to clean the toilets, but they also wanted to go back to India as soon as possible. There was so much eagerness to go home that some students went to clean the toilet.”

Pratibha, a fourth year student of Medical University, told, “We tried to get in touch with Indian Embassy officials, but none of the Embassy officials responded to calls or messages. When a friend of ours posted a video on Facebook to show the reality, immediately got a call from the Embassy asking to delete the video immediately.”

Operation Ganga: Indian embassy officials asked distressed students to clean toilets

Let us inform that the Central Government claims that so far, more than 10,300 Indians have been brought back from 48 flights under Operation Ganga. Foreign Ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi has informed that about 2 to 3 thousand more Indians are feared trapped in Ukraine. This figure may fluctuate.

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