Only 10% of the amount released from 20 lakh crore package! Rahul Gandhi said – this too turned out to be a Jumla like 15 lakhs

In the year 2020, millions of people have lost their lives due to the corona epidemic. A 20 lakh crore package was announced to the public by Prime Minister Modi during the lockdown imposed by the Modi government in India to prevent corona infection.

Now news is coming out that only 10% of the money out of the Rs 20 lakh crore economic package announced by the Modi government has been disbursed to deal with the situation caused by Corona.

In this case, opposition parties have targeted the Modi government. The Congress says that in 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi showed ‘Achhe Din’ (good days) to the people. But today the public is going through the worst phase.

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Significantly, Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed to have added 15 lakh rupees to people’s accounts which nobody has found till date. It was only during the BJP’s first term that the promise of Rs 15 lakh was declared an electoral Jumla by Home Minister Amit Shah.

Similarly, now the Modi government’s package of 20 lakh crores to deal with Corona has also proved to be Corona Jumla. On which questions are being raised by the opposition parties.

Sharing this news, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has taunted the Modi government. Rahul Gandhi tweeted that “Election Jumla – 15 lakh accounts, Corona Jumla – 20 lakh crore package!”

Let us tell you that during the Corona epidemic, the Prime Minister claimed to bring the country’s economy back on track.

PM Modi, during an address to the country, announced a package of relief under Rs 20 lakh crore and said that the country should become a self-reliant India. But the truth is that out of this relief package, only 10 per cent of the money has been disbursed.

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