Once again Zee News reporter faces the Wrath of protesting farmers, told- You call us terrorist

The misdeeds of ‘Godi’ editors of ‘Godi Media’ have to bear with their reporters. The broker editor of Godi Media stays in his cabin. But reporters have to go to the ground among the general public. The general public, angry with the journalism of ‘Godi Media’ puts out their anger on their reporters.

Many such videos have come and are coming from the farmers movement, in which reporters with ‘Godi Media’ are being ripped off, mocked by reporters, they are being labelled as Godi Media and broker media, despite this, these Godi media channels are engaged in defaming the farmer movement at the behest of their boss and their reporters are constantly suffering.

In a new video, a woman reporter of Zee News has to face the wrath of the protesting farmers. This video has been tweeted by senior journalist and filmmaker Vinod Kapri. A lot of comments have also come on this.

Vinod Kapri teeeted- Such videos have now become common. How sad and embarrassing to see all this. But the sold out editors don’t mind.

For the last two months, a debate show is being organized on almost all the news channels about the farmers’ protest against the new agricultural laws. In the midst of all this, many kinds of questions are also arising regarding the perceived role of the media. Journalists from various TV channels are coming to cover the protest of farmers. At the same time, thousands of farmers who are protesting about their demands, along with the central government, are now getting angry on the ‘Godi media’.

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When the reporters are reaching to cover the movement, the farmers are shunning the Godi media publicly in response. Not only this, they are also forcing the reporter to apologize. At the same time, the reporter of ‘India News’ who reached to coverage of the farmers movement, also drove away from the protest site.

During this time, the farmers also raised slogans like ‘Godi Media’ and ‘Dalal Media’ Murdabad. Let us tell you that before this, the reporter and cameraman of Aaj Tak had to face the same anger of farmers. In the video, the protesting farmer told the Aaj Tak reporter that the Godi media should be ashamed for showing false and fake news.

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