Once a staunch critic of PM Modi, Former IAS topper Shah Faisal praises PM Modi and India’s COVID Vaccination Program

Shah Faisal of Kashmir, who resigned from the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) to form a political party and then said goodbye to politics, is once again in the headlines and this time the reasons are different. Actually, Shah Faisal has been very critical of the policies of the central government but this time he has praised the government as well as PM Modi. His tweet regarding India’s vaccination program is becoming very viral.

Actually, PM Modi was talking to the beneficiaries of Kashi’s Covid 19 vaccination and he shared the video of this on social media. In this, PM Modi is talking about India’s vaccination program. Shah Faisal while retweeting PM Modi’s tweet praised the country’s vaccination program and said that it is more than just a vaccination program.

Shah Faisal’s full tweet

Shah Faisal said in the tweet, ‘It is more than just a vaccination program. This good governance + human capital formation + nation building + India assuming global leadership as a Jagat Guru. ‘ On this tweet of Shah Faisal, people are trolling him on Twitter but there are some people who are also praising Shah Faesal.

Who is Shah Faisal
Shah Faisal is a former civil servant and he made headlines for the first time when he topped the 2009 civil service exam. This was followed by his posting in various places but on January 9, 2019, when he cited the excesses on Kashmiris as administrative. Everyone was surprised when he announced to say goodbye to civil services. At that time he was appointed to the post of MD of Jammu and Kashmir State Power Development Corporation. He sharply criticized the government’s policies through Facebook and Twitter.

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Formed a political party
In 2019, Shah Faisal announced the formation of a political party and on February 4 2019 he announced the formation of a political party called Jammu and Kashmir People’s Movement (JKPM) in Kupwara, Valley. During this, he gave an aggressive speech and compared his 10-year job to prison life. After this, when Article 370 was abolished from Jammu and Kashmir on August 5, he too was placed under house arrest along with other leaders. Faisal had criticized the abolition of special status of the state. However, he was later released.

Currently, speculation is being made after Shah Faisal’s tweet that Faisal wants to return to the civil service again. However, Faisal admitted in an interview some time ago that he had given some disputed statements due to which his well-wishers were disappointed. He had said that I want to rectify my mistake now.

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