Olympic champion Neeraj Chopra scripts history, wins silver at world championship, India got medal after 19 years

Olympic champion Neeraj Chopra created history by winning the silver medal in the javelin throw event of the World Athletics Championships. He became the first Indian to win a medal in this event. He won the silver medal with his best throw of 88.13m. In this way, after 19 years, India has got a medal in the tournament. Earlier in 2003, long jumper Anju Bobby George won the bronze medal at the World Championships.

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Neeraj Chopra’s first attempt was a foul, while he threw 82.39 meters in the second attempt. It was far from his best performance. On the other hand, Grenada’s Anderson Peters crossed 90 meters in the first attempt. He had ensured his medal by throwing 90.21 and 90.46 meters in two consecutive attempts.

Neeraj improved his performance in the third attempt. He reached number four with a throw of 86.37 meters. The Indian star finished second in the fourth round with a throw of 88.13m. Neeraj’s performance was even better than the Olympics. He won the gold medal in the Olympics with a javelin throw of 87.58 metres. Now Jacob Valdesh of the Czech Republic had slipped to number three. He fouled in the sixth round.

Neeraj fouled in the 5th round, but the good thing was that Yakub Waldesh could only throw 81.31 meters. With this, Grenada’s Anderson Peters got the gold medal, who snatched gold from Neeraj in the second successive major event.

It is noteworthy that Anderson Peters has been beaten by Neeraj Chopra many times, but this year he is in excellent form. Neeraj and Peters clashed in the Stockholm Diamond League. Neeraj made a national record by throwing 89.94 meters, but Peters threw 90.31 meters and won the gold medal. Neeraj Chopra had to be content with silver. Anderson Peters threw 93.07m in the Doha Diamond League this year.

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