‘Officers and administration are forcibly casting votes for BJP in MP civic polls’, reveals BJP MLA Narayan Tripathi

Municipal elections are being held in Madhya Pradesh. The second phase of polling was held on Wednesday, 13 July. Meanwhile, BJP MLA from Maihar Assembly Narayan Tripathi has raised questions on his own government. Narayan Tripathi has targeted the Election Commission, raising his finger on the fairness of the election. He has accused of distributing liquor, clothes and money for votes in Maihar Municipality area. MLA Tripathi said that the law and system is only for poor candidates and not for the rich.

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Maihar MLA Narayan Tripathi has raised serious allegations questioning the fairness of the ongoing elections in Maihar Municipality area. MLA Narayan Tripathi, who is known for his harsh attitude, said that now elections should not be held at all.

“Officers-employees are promoting a particular party. From small employees to big officers, they are seen getting votes for BJP. I am not opposed to BJP. I am MLA of BJP, but this situation is not good. Yes, it hurts, it should stop,” said Narayan Tripathi.

BJP MLA Narayan Tripathi

On the other hand, when action was taken even after the video of distribution of liquor, money and saris in Maihar elections, BJP MLA Narayan Tripathi said that when a poor candidate catches such cases, no hearing takes place. If rich candidates distribute liquor, money, clothes and if the administration cooperates with them, then the Election Commission is also cursed. The people of India-Madhya Pradesh should not participate in such an election process.

When these allegations of Maihar MLA have been rejected by the District Election Officer and Satna Collector. When the Returning Officer was talked to, he denied all these allegations and said that a complaint regarding the matter was received, but on investigation, no evidence has been found regarding the related complaint.

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