Objectionable pictures of UP Olympic Association general secretary Anandeshwar Pandey go viral, complaint lodged in CM’s Portal

Photos of Uttar Pradesh Olympic Association general secretary Anandeshwar Pandey in an objectionable condition with a woman have gone viral, after the photo went viral, the regional sports officer has called for a report from the organization. Let us inform that two objectionable pictures of Anandeshwar Pandey are going viral on social media, the secretary is seen with different women in both the photos.

Regarding this matter, the office of Regional Sports Officer KD Singh Babu Stadium has written a letter to the District Officer. The letter read, “It has been conveyed by Vikas Yadav that Uttar Pradesh Olympic Association secretary Anandeshwar Pandey is residing in KD Singh Babu Stadium Lucknow, next to that is a girls hostel. In the viral photos, Anandeshwar Pandey is seen in objectionable condition, due to which the image of Uttar Pradesh is getting spoiled in every state.”

The letter further read, “In relation to the above, it is to be informed that the Secretary, Uttar Pradesh Olympic Association has sought the report regarding the above, as soon as the report is received, necessary action will be taken by this office, so you are requested to kindly delete the said case from the IGRS portal.”

A complaint has been lodged in this regard in the Chief Minister’s Portal. Taking cognizance of this, a report has been sought from the Secretary of the Uttar Pradesh Olympic Association by the Regional Sports Officer and a copy of it has also been attached to the DM.

However, this whole matter was completely denied by Anandeshwar Pandey. He said, “An attempt is being made to malign my image because till date no girl has filed such complaint against me.”

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