NZ YouTuber Karl Rock ‘blacklisted’ by Indian govt, claims he wasn’t informed any reason for his ban

Popular YouTuber Karl Rock on Friday alleged that the Indian government has blocked his entry into the country. Separating him from his wife and family in Delhi, his name has been put on the blacklist. Karl said that he was not even told the reason why his name was added to the blacklist. Let us tell you that Karl Rock is originally from New Zealand, but he is married in India.

In a Twitter post, tagging New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Karl Rock said, “Dear Jacinda Ardern, Government of India has blocked me from entering the country, separating me from my wife and family in Delhi.” They haven’t even told me the reason for blacklisting. Along with this, he has shared the link of a YouTube video. In this video he has told about himself and his work. Along with this, he has told about his wife and other family members in Delhi in this video. He has also given information about what happened to him at the airport.

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Karl Rock says ‘I am away from my wife Manisha Malik and family for 269 days. Have filed a petition in the Delhi High Court to remove my name from the black list so that I can return home. Rock further says “I left India in October 2020 to visit Dubai and Pakistan. My visa was canceled at the airport on my way out. They did not specify the reason for canceling the visa. So in Dubai I applied for a new visa. They called me for a meeting and told me that I have been blacklisted and hence they cannot issue me a visa to go home.”

Rock says, “Before adding anyone to the blacklist, they are given a reason and time to respond, but that didn’t happen to me.” During this, he wrote to the Ministry of Home Affairs several times. Manisha tried to talk to him at his office in Delhi. We wrote to the High Commissioner of India to New Zealand. But I was ignored. Let us tell you that in July last year, Karl was honored by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal after donating plasma to the Delhi government’s plasma bank during the first Covid wave.

Karl Rock has close to 1.8 million subscribers on YouTube. He has visited every single state and union territory of India. Apart from travel, he makes videos related to scams with tourists. There are many videos busting scammers on his YouTube channel. In the past, when he was on a trip to Pakistan, a video of him became very viral. In Lahore, Pakistan, a shopkeeper tried to troll India, but Karl trolled that shopkeeper with his answer.

Actually, when Karl was drinking tea, the shopkeeper tried to tell Karl that tea in Pakistan is better than in India. To this Karl replied that he knows what is being tried to get him done. He will not troll India. After this Karl said, ‘sorry bro India’s tea is better’. After this the shopkeeper said, ‘but their (India) soldiers leave after drinking tea’. To this Karl said, ‘keep quiet’. Not only this, while leaving from there, ‘he said, brother, I have to tell you one thing… Jai Hind.’

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