‘Nupur Sharma is single handedly responsible for what is happening in the country’: SC court grills suspended BJP spokesperson over Prophet Mohammad remark

The Supreme Court has taken a tough stand on the remarks of suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma against Prophet Mohammad. During the hearing on Friday, the court said that suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma’s remarks on Prophet Muhammad created a lot of anger in the Gulf countries which gave rise to protests in the country. For this, she should apologize to the whole country. The top court said that Nupur Sharma should apologize on TV.

The Supreme Court also said that she alone is responsible for what is happening in the country. Justice Surya Kant said, “We saw the debate on how she was incited. But they way she said all this and later says she was a lawyer it is shameful. She should apologise to the whole country.”

In fact, the Supreme Court was hearing Nupur Sharma’s plea in which she had demanded that all FIRs registered against her be transferred to Delhi. Sharma’s lawyer said that she is facing threats. Justice Surya Kant said, “She has threat or she has become security threat? The way she has ignited emotions across the country. This lady is single handedly responsible for what is happening in the country.”

During the hearing Nupur Sharma said that she is getting threats of rape and murder. Earlier, Nupur Sharma’s lawyer said that her client did not make this statement on purpose. Earlier, provocative statements were given to her. On this, the Supreme Court said that if people there have done this, then a case should be registered against them too. The court said that if the anchor instigated her, then why should there not be a case against the anchor. The Supreme Court said that these people do not have respect for other religions.

Justice Surya Kant did not stop here, he said, “What if she is the spokesperson of a party. She thinks she has back up power and make any statement without respect to the law of the land.” Sharma’s lawyer replied that she had replied to the question asked by the anchor during the debate show.”

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Let us tell you that suspended BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma had given a statement against Prophet Mohammad during a TV debate a few days ago. After Nupur’s statement, there was a ruckus in the country and the world. More than 15 Muslim countries had expressed strong displeasure with the Indian government. After that BJP suspended Nupur Sharma. At the same time, Delhi BJP leader Naveen Jindal was sacked for supporting Sharma’s statement.

Nupur’s statement against the Prophet also led to violent incidents in many cities. Cases were also registered against Nupur in many cities. Not only this, she is also being threatened with rape and death.

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