Now Pak analyst bashing Anjana Om Kashyap in a live debate

When Anjana Om Kashyap tweeted in excitement on 23 September about her trip to Washington DC to ‘cover Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s US visit,’ little did she realise that she would end up exposing the Indian premier and his party, the BJP through her TV broadcasts.

In almost all her videos broadcast from the US, Kashyap was seen desperately trying to project how Modi had become the tallest leader ever to visit America. Such was her excitement to support Modi that she failed to exercise the much-needed editorial caution during her broadcast and became a source of huge embarrassment for the prime minister Modi and BJP.

Anjana Om Kashyap did not just stop there. The amount of humiliation that Anjana Om Kashyap has done throughout the journey, would not have been insulted even if a journalist was beaten up in India. During this, many people were made guests in Aaj Tak while reporting from Washington. To which Kashyap was talking from there and was showing fake celebration from there.

One after the other, many guests lashed out at Anjana Om Kashyap. During this, a political analyst from Pakistan, Qamar Cheema was also present. Talking to him, Anjana asked, ‘Modi is in America today, there is an atmosphere of celebration, where is Pakistan in this match. Here Anjana also made a mistake by taking the name of China. She said that people in China must not be sleeping.

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When the Pak analyst started speaking, Anjana Kashyap had to silence his voice. Pak analyst Qamar Cheema said ‘You know what you are talking about, where do you live. Pakistan will always be in competition with India, there will be competition for hundreds of years. And where are you talking about China, China is competing with US. You guys are showing as if you don’t know what has happened.

Qamar Cheema further said, it looks like Prime Minister Modi has gone to Washington DC to get married somewhere, and you guys are standing outside a guest house and broadcasting. What happiness and why are people celebrating?. People of BJP and RSS are doing such petty acts, and you people are celebrating happiness by sitting in a village. After which Anjana Om Kashyap had to stop the voice of Qamar Cheema.

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