‘Not your job to tell women what they should wear’: US supermodel Bella Hadid on Muslim women facing hijab ban

American supermodel Bella Hadid has slammed India and several other countries for banning the hijab in public places after several celebrities, including Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor, supported the hijab. Referring to the ban on hijab in educational institutions in Karnataka, Bela termed it as discrimination against Muslim women.

Meanwhile, Bella Hadid posted photos from major global news stories on protests against the ban in public places in several countries. “I urge France, India, Quebec, Belgium and other countries in the world that discriminate against Muslim women in different ways to reconsider their decisions,” Bella, 25, said on Instagram.

“It’s not your job to tell women what they should or shouldn’t wear, especially when it is pertaining to faith and safety,” the supermodel said. “It’s not your job to tell women whether or not they can STUDY or PLAY SPORTS, ESPECIALLY when it is pertaining to their faith and safety,” she added.

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Bella said, “Hijabi women in France are not allowed to wear their Hijab to school, to play sports, to swim, even on their ID pictures. You can’t be a civil worker or work in hospitals with a Hijab. To get an internship, most universities will say, the only way to get one is to take off the hijab.”

She said, “It’s ridiculous and really shows how Islamophobic the world is without even acknowledging it. In regards to these new Bills that are either in the process of being passed , or have already.”

Bella further talked about the ego and malevolent thinking of men. “The egocentrics of a man to think for even for one second, that they have enough validity to make decisions for a woman in 2022, are not only laughable but actually sick in the head,” she said.

“As my friend @taqwabintali said to me ‘You know, at the root of it all, all of this is just much deeper than Islamophobia; it’s pure sexism and misogyny. no matter the countries or the time men always want to control what a woman does and wears’, ” Bella Hadid concluded.

It is noteworthy that Indian actress Sonam Kapoor is among thousands of people who have liked Bella Hadid’s Instagram post. Sonam has also been vocal on the issue after the ban on hijab in schools and colleges in Karnataka came to limelight.

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