Not right for ‘Ram’ to remain silent when ‘Hanuman’ is being killed: Chirag Paswan seeks help from PM Modi amid LJP feud

After the break in LJP, Chirag Paswan has appealed to PM Modi for the first time. Chirag Paswan said that if Hanuman is killed, it is not right for Ram to remain silent. He said that I hope to mediate from Narendra Modi on the breakdown within LJP. Let us tell you that within the LJP in Bihar, many leaders including five MPs under the leadership of uncle Pashupati Paras have become rebels.

Talking to news agency ANI, Chirag Paswan said that it does not suit Ram to see killing Hanuman in silence. He said that our party has always supported the BJP. But today when we are in trouble, the leaders of BJP have maintained silence.

Chirag Paswan said that I expect mediation from PM Modi. He further said that we are confident that the Prime Minister will soon intervene in this matter (split in LJP) and do everything right. Let us inform you that this is the first time Chirag Paswan has appealed to PM Narendra Modi after the split in LJP.

Earlier, Chirag Paswan had said in another interview that BJP cannot be loved unilaterally. During this, he said that trusting Pashupati Paras is the biggest mistake. Chirag said that like a father, I trusted my family members, and now I am facing the consequences.

After separating from NDA in Bihar elections, Chirag Paswan had said that PM Modi is his Ram. During this, Chirag had described himself as Hanuman. At the same time, after breaking up in LJP, he had said that if Hanuman had to take the help of Ram, then Hanuman is not Hanuman and Ram is not Ram.

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