‘Not getting work due to mimicry of PM Modi’, Comedian Shyam Rangeela expresses pain

Shyam Rangeela is a well-known name in the world of mimicry. Shyam Rangeela has made his mark by mimicking Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But due to this mimicry, now he is not able to get work. Shyam Rangeela himself has written this on Twitter, tagging Prime Minister Modi. He has made two tweets and told that due to mimicry of PM, he is not getting a chance to work in any TV show.

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Shyam Rangeela tweeted in Hindi tagging Prime Minister Modi, “Dear PM Shri @narendramodi ji… I am a small artist, I mimic you and many others. Sad that I can never do this on TV because people of TV channel are afraid of you. If you like jokes. So why are they still afraid of your mimicry? Is your mimicry a crime?”

While expressing his pain, Shyam Rangeela has further written, “After Laughter Challenge (2017), there were talks with TV shows many times but in the end everyone said that ‘Shyam, the channel is not giving permission for you’. It happened even today, so after 5 years I was forced to write on this, why is everyone so afraid of mimicry? If there was no social media, Shyam Rangeela would have been ended long ago?”

Writing this, Shyam Rangeela has said that he is not writing all this out of sympathy but is writing the truth which is there. After this tweet of Shyam Rangi, people on social media have also come to his support. A user named Harsh tweeted, “Your talent is not fascinated by any TV channel. Keep moving brother you will go a long way.”

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