“Not always a good sign for countries when leaders start pulling that trick”: Cricketer Tom Holland on Modi Stadium

The Motera Cricket Stadium in Ahmedabad, Gujarat has been renamed to Narendra Modi Stadium on Wednesday. An English writer, historian and cricketer Tom Holland made a satirical tweet about this. But, some users mistook him to be a Hollywood actor with Spider-Man fame. They felt that the Hollywood actor and his Spider-Man movie series might not have to bear the brunt of the tweet by Holland. It all happened in such a sarcastic way that some Twitter users and the Tom Holland who made the tweet against the name change of Motera Stadium also got a chance to have fun for a while.

Author Tom Holland mocks Modi

On the 24th, the day the announcement of renaming the cricket stadium at Motera in Ahmedabad to Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, Tom Holland tweeted from his Twitter handle, ‘The way Modi named the world’s biggest cricket stadium Has shown decency, I am very much his fan.’ He then added a line to it- ‘But if the leaders always start adopting this method then it is not a good sign for that country …….’

Mistaking the cricketer for Tom Holland the actor, many Twitter users started calling for a boycott of Spider Man. The upcoming Spider-Man movie by Tom Holland the actor got massive hate for spreading ‘international propaganda.’

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Before we knew it, Spider-man became ‘anti-national’, part of the ‘toolkit’ controversy and what not.

Actor comedian Veer Das, jibes on this and replies to Tom- ‘Wait ….. Spider-Man belongs to JNU? …… I also know that this is not that guy. But, I think many people who react to this will not know…And that’s hilarious. ‘

The series of satires continued in this way. Actor Ashwin Mushran wrote- ‘So, I am not going to see a Spider Man movie ever again!’ Something has to be sacrificed ….. country first …. film later.’ On this Holland replied in response, “My campaign to cancel all the films of that superhero has gained ……. ha ha ha!”


Have a look at some tweets here:


But, the question is, where did the idea of ​​Spider-Man come from? So the name of Hollywood actor of Spider-Man is also Tom Holland. Whereas, who has tweeted sarcastically on PM Modi, he is an English writer and former cricketer, and his book on classical and medieval history is included in the best-selling book. He is also a designated cricketer in Time magazine and a big fan of cricket.

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