Norway prime minister Erna Solberg fined by police over Covid-19 rules violation

Today, outbreaks of the corona epidemic continue in almost all countries of the world. Every country is trying its level to overcome the infection and is taking steps like lockdown. There is a provision for fines and strict punishment for violating the restrictions imposed for the corona. The Prime Minister of Norway committed one such violation of the rules of Corona. Therefore, Norway’s police fined the Prime Minister Erna Solberg.

Norwegian police reported on 9 April that PM Erna Solberg had gathered family members to celebrate her birthday. Erna Solberg is therefore fined for breaking the Covid-19 social distancing rule.

Police told why the PM was fined

Police said that fines are not levied in such cases, but because the Prime Minister was representing the government in the act of imposing sanctions, so we fined her. The police chief justified the fine saying, “The law is the same for everyone, but not all are one in the eyes of the law.”

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Police said the prime minister’s husband also broke the law but he was not fined. The restaurant in which the celebration took place has also been violated but was not fined as well.

PM Erna Solberg apologized for violating Corona rules

According to a Reuters report, the Prime Minister’s Office has not yet commented on the matter. However, Prime Minister Erna Solberg apologized last month for celebrating her 60th birthday. 13 members of the family attended the event. The government has banned the gathering of more than 10 people in the country.

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