Non-stop punches during the arrest…US Police again shows cruelty

US police again showed cruelty to the suspect. A video of three police officers beating up a suspect during his arrest has been suspended on Sunday after it went viral in the US. According to USA Today, this incident took place in Crawford County of Arkansas.

The video shows three law enforcement officers climbing over an arrested man and kneeling on him and punching him in the head several times. The clip shows an officer pointing a finger at the person recording the video and ordering him to stop recording.

US Police cruelty video

Crawford County Sheriff Jimmy Damante has issued a statement after the outrage over it on social media. In which it is told that two officers involved in this incident were posted in the Crawford County Sheriff’s office, while the third officer was in the Mulberry Police Department. Three police officers were suspended and the sheriff’s office has appealed to the state police to investigate.

Mr Damante wrote on a Facebook post, “I hold all my officers responsible for their actions and appropriate action will be taken in this matter.”
Apart from this, Mulberry Police Chief Shannon Grigory said that the officers involved in this incident have been sent on leave till the incident is investigated. Miss Grogary told USA Today, “The City of Mulberry and the Mulberry Police Department take these investigations very seriously.

US Police cruelty video

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