“No test, no cure, no ambulance”: UP minister Brajesh Pathak corners his own govt over ‘worsening’ Covid-19 situation

Coronavirus cases are increasing continuously in most states of the country including Uttar Pradesh. The condition of Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, is also bad. In recent days, there has been a significant increase in coronavirus cases in Lucknow. About 4 thousand cases is being recorded here every day. There are reports of lack of beds in many hospitals of Lucknow. The situation is so bad that people have to wait a long time for the last rites in Lucknow.

Amidst all this, a letter from Uttar Pradesh cabinet minister Brajesh Pathak has gone viral on social media. This letter of April 12 has been written to the Additional Chief Secretary and Principal Secretary of the Health Department of the state. In this letter he has written that,

At present, there is a worrying condition of health services in Lucknow district. It is taking a week to give the test report of Corona. Patients are not able to get an ambulance in time. It is taking 2 days to get the slip for recruitment from the Chief Minister’s office.

Cabinet Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Brajesh Pathak.

Regarding the death of Padmashree Yogesh Praveen, he has written that, suddenly his health deteriorated, I personally spoke to the Chief Medical Officer, but due to lack of ambulance for several hours and due to inadequate treatment, he died.

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Regarding the rising case of Corona, he has written that, the cases are continuously increasing, but the beds in Covid hospitals are very less. Testing of Covid has been stopped in thoe private centers of Lucknow and the investigation is taking a lot of time in the government hospital.

Brajesh Pathak has written to a big medical officer that they need 17 thousand kits every day for the corona test, but they are getting only 10 thousand kits.

What advice has Brajesh Pathak given?
Yogi’s cabinet minister has said that the number of beds in Covid hospitals should be increased. Coronavirus testing should be increased and adequate kits should be made available for this. Random testing should be started and report should be given within 24 hours. Along with this, he said that the number of ICU beds in hospitals should be increased and patients should be admitted immediately.

Brajesh Pathak also said that if steps are not taken soon to stop Covid, then a lockdown may have to be imposed in Lucknow.

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