‘No support from the Indian embassy’: Harjot Singh, an Indian student who sustained multiple bullet injuries in Ukraine

Indian student, who was shot in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv, has expressed his pain. The student has been identified as Harjot Singh and is a resident of Chhatarpur area of ​​Delhi. Singh alleged that no support has been received from the Indian Embassy so far.

Harjot Singh said, ‘My only request is that I should be removed from here as soon as possible so that I can meet my family. I have spoken to almost every person in the Indian Embassy, ​​they have only consoled. Till now no help has reached here.

Talking to news agency ANI, Harjot Singh told about the incident that, it is the incident of 27 February. We were 3 people in a cab where we were asked to return due to security reasons. On the way back, several bullets were fired at our car, which hit me with multiple bullets.

Harjot Singh claimed that, “No support from the Indian embassy yet. I have been trying to get in touch with them, every day they say we will do something but no help yet.”

Expressing grief over not getting help yet, Singh said, “It doesn’t matter if you send a charter (plane) after death…God has given me a second life, I want to live it. I request the embassy to evacuate me from here, provide me facilities like a wheelchair, help me with documentation…”

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