‘Newton’s gravity and Pythagoras theorem have Vedic roots’: Chairman of Karnataka New Education Policy

Chairman of Karnataka New Education Policy on Newton & Gravity: Madan Gopal, chairman of the task force to implement the New Education Policy (NEP) in Karnataka, said Newton’s gravity and the Pythagorean theorem are misleading. In addition, one of its proposals for inclusion in the new NEP school curriculum says that students should be encouraged to question how fake news such as the Pythagorean theorem, the apple falling on Newton’s head, etc. was created and propagated.

Task force chairman Madan Gopal said that people are being misinformed about Pythagoras and gravity. This is just an explanation of the group. Madan Gopal said that gravitation and Pythagoras have their roots in Vedic mathematics and an Indian centric approach. There is a lot of information about this on Google. Also said that for example it is believed that Baudhayana propounded the theorem of Pythagoras in the Vedic texts. It’s a point of view, you may or may not agree with it.

Chairman of Karnataka New Education Policy on Newton & Gravity

Academics in Karnataka have expressed concern over some of the proposals submitted by the state government to the Center in the form of status papers for the curriculum framework under the National Education Policy (NEP) and inputs to be included in the state curriculum. Each state will have to upload its position papers on the NCERT website.

The state had constituted 26 committees to prepare position papers on school education. These included the knowledge of India among others. According to sources, heated debate took place in the meetings to review some position papers. Many problematic points were expressed in the position paper on Knowledge of India, which has been recommended as a compulsory subject. Rejecting these objections, Madan Gopal said, ‘This paper has been prepared under the chairmanship of a distinguished IIT professor. This has been examined and accepted by the state government. The committee was chaired by KV Ramanathan of IIT (BHU), Varanasi.

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