News18’s journalist attacked by Hindu mob over objection to loudspeaker during Jagrata

News18’s journalist attacked by Hindu mob: A shocking incident took place in Noida Extension late on Sunday night. Here an attempt was made to attack a senior journalist of News18 only because he had gone late at night to get the loudspeaker playing in the name of ‘Jagrate’ in the society to be switched off. During this, policemen were also present there and the mob attacked him without caring for them and he had to run away from the spot to save his life.

A large number of people followed him for a long distance during this time, but when he reached near his house and asked for help from the gunman present there, as well as called the neighbors by making noise, the crowd turned back. However, before this, he was pushed and threatened to kill his family as well as walk naked. The CCTV recording of the incident is available with News18.

Police remained silent
According to the information, Saurabh Sharma, working in News 18 Hindi and living in Oxford Square Super Tech Ecovillage 3, society of Noida Extension, called at 112 number and sought help to stop the songs playing in the name of ‘Jagrate’ at 11.30 pm. After this he got a call from the policeman and he told him that they reached the spot and we are also coming. On reaching there, when the police asked to stop the songs of Jagrate, the crowd got furious. Also the organizer of the Jagrate said that the police have given them permission to play loudspeakers throughout the night.

According to Saurabh, when he asked to show the permission letter, calling him anti-national, organizers threatened to kill him by calling him Pakistani. The journalist opposed this and said that legally they cannot play loudspeakers after 10 o’clock in the night. Hearing this, the organizers said, “He is Pakistani let’s kill him here”. Saurabh told that during this time two police personnel of PCR were present but they did nothing.

Then the atmosphere of mob lynching was created
According to Saurabh, the crowd was not ready to listen to anything and attacked him. Saurabh had to run away during this and struggle to save his life. Somehow, after escaping from there, Saurabh reached his house and went to the police station to give a complaint. When his wife contacted senior police officers and said that there was danger, they sent some policemen to the spot.

The policemen who reached the spot called Saurabh’s wife Ankita Sharma to the spot. On reaching the spot, the mob also misbehaved with Ankita and abused her. Police and Oxford Square’s RWA President KD Singh intervened and tried to convince the people and saved Ankita. During the ruckus of the crowd, Ankita’s hand left her 6-year-old child in the midst of the people and for about 45 minutes the child kept getting crying to go to his mother.

According to Saurabh, he had given the Tahrir at the Bisrakh police station at 12 o’clock in the late night immediately after the incident. But despite this, on Monday, the police kept delaying from registering the case. On Monday evening, around 3 pm, police officers from Bisrakh police station reached the society and recorded the CCTV footage and said that a case would be registered after talking to the seniors. During this, Saurabh continuously pleaded with the police officers to register the case, but they talked about taking a decision on Tuesday. During this, Saurabh pleaded with the police officers that his wife and 6-year-old child’s lives are in danger and the accused should be caught, but this could not happen till late Monday night.

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