New York Times Study: An estimated 42 lakh Indians died due to Covid; Not 3.07 lakh as claimed by govt

Officially, India has reported 26.9 million (2.69 crore) Covid-19 cases and 307,231 (3.07 lakh) deaths as of 24 May 2021, but an analysis by The New York Times says the actual figures are likely to be much higher — 700.7 million (70.07 crore) cases and 4.2 million (42 lakh) deaths in a worst-case scenario.

The news published on May 25 by The New York Times, ‘Just How Big Could India’s True Covid Toll Be?’, States that the data provided by the government is far away from the reality. Government data says that the number of people who died in India from Covid is 3.07 lakh. While according to the New York Times, this figure is 14 times more. That is, 42 lakh people in India have died of Covid-19 infection. The newspaper claims that it has prepared this data on the opinion of a dozen experts in addition to the study of three national sero surveys.

The New York Times Study

The newspaper says that neither the testing is being done properly in India nor the records of patients or deaths are being maintained in the manner. In such a situation, it is difficult to estimate the correct figures, but the picture is showing that the hospitals are completely full. Many of Covid patients are dying at home. Deaths in villages are also not included in government records. The lab which could have investigated the causes of death of Covid patients, they all have been halted.

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The report says that even in normal days in India, the cause of four out of five deaths is not investigated. On the current situation, the newspaper says that looking at the study done, it seems that half of India is in the grip of corona virus, but the government is stealing this fact. Due to which the situation is getting worse.

According to the newspaper, the first of the sero surveys conducted was between May 11 and June 4 last year. It was found that 64.60 lakh people had antibodies. The second survey was conducted between 18 August and 20 September while the third was conducted between 18 December and 6 January.

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