New twist in PM Modi’s security breach issue, BJP supporters seen shouting ‘Narendra Modi Zindabad’ in a new viral video

PM Modi’s security breach: The matter of alleged lapse in the security of Prime Minister Modi seems to be taking a new turn. A new video of the Prime Minister’s convoy stuck on the flyover has surfaced. In which it is clearly visible that the people who surrounded his convoy were not the protesters, but BJP workers and PM Modi’s supporters.

In the video, some people holding BJP flag can be heard raising slogans like ‘Narendra Bhai Zindabad…..Narendra Modi Zindabad…..Bhartiya Janta Party Zindabad’. On the other side of Prime Minister Modi’s convoy, people can be heard continuously cheering Prime Minister Modi. Earlier on Wednesday evening itself, the video of PM’s convoy went viral. In which BJP flags were seen.

However, that video was shot from far away from the PM’s convoy. Due to which the exact location of this whole scene was not clear. But now a closely shot video of the flyover and the PM’s convoy has surfaced, in which BJP supporters are seen shouting slogans of Zindabad.

PM Modi’s security breach issue

Regarding this whole incident, BJP leaders claimed that the protesters were transported to Prime Minister Modi’s convoy as part of a conspiracy. The BJP blamed this on the Congress government of Punjab. A news agency quoted Prime Minister Modi that on reaching Bathinda airport, the Prime Minister had asked the officials to thank CM Channi as he could reach the airport alive.

PM Modi’s security breach issue

In fact, even before Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Punjab, there was strong opposition to him. Slogans of Modi Goback were being raised everywhere in the state. At the same time, most of the chairs at the rally venue in Ferozepur were lying vacant. Congress is accusing the BJP that due to the absence of people in the rally, BJP is making excuses of security lapses.

The BJP’s main claim about this entire incident was that the Prime Minister’s convoy was stopped by the protesters. Whereas BJP supporters from Haryana were being brought in buses to gather the crowd in Ferozepur’s rally itself. Due to the strong opposition of the BJP and the Prime Minister, the protesters were stopping the people going to the rally. Punjab CM Charanjit Singh Channi himself had said in a press conference that the group of protesters had no conflict with the Prime Minister’s convoy. Rather, the Prime Minister’s convoy was at far distance from the place where the protesters had gathered.

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