Netizens Label EAM S Jaishankar ‘Arrogant’ as He Finds Siddaramaiah’s Appeal For Help ‘Appalling’

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar and Congress leader Siddaramaiah from Karnataka are engaged in a heated debate on Twitter concerning the clashes in Sudan that have left numerous Indians stranded. Siddaramaiah had tweeted urging the Prime Minister, Home Minister, External Affairs Minister, and Karnataka Chief Minister to intervene and ensure the safe return of 31 members of the Hakki Pikki tribe, who were reportedly stranded in the troubled country. He also expressed condolences for the loss of one Indian and 60 others in the ongoing civil war in Sudan.

In response to Siddaramaiah’s tweet, Jaishankar expressed his disappointment regarding the politicization of the issue. He further highlighted that the Indian Embassy in Khartoum had maintained regular communication with the majority of Indian nationals and PIOs in Sudan since the outbreak of fighting on April 14th.

MEA S Jaishankar replied, “Simply appalled at your tweet! There are lives at stake; don’t do politics. Since the fighting started on April 14th, the Embassy of India in Khartoum has been continuously in touch with most Indian Nationals and PIOs in Sudan”.

Siddaramaiah swiftly responded to Jaishankar’s comment and firmly asked him to offer assistance or direct him to someone who could. The former Chief Minister of Karnataka stated that he had appealed to Jaishankar because of his position. “If you are busy getting appalled please point us to the person who can help us bring our people back,” Siddaramaiah stated.

The Twitter exchange between the two political leaders quickly drew reactions from social media users, with many criticizing Jaishankar’s response and urging him to take action. One user wrote, “What’s wrong with you? He’s not asking for their details to be made public! Only asking for union govt to take steps to bring them back safely. How exactly is that ‘appalling’?”

Another user said, “It’s your duty to respond citizen of India and specially an elected leader. DONT BE SO ARROGANT ….But how will you understand the value of ELECTED LEADER as you have got this for free being Rajya Sabha MP.”

Others were more direct in their criticism of S Jaishankar, with one user saying, “Arey former Chief Minister is asking for your help & you’re turning it into politics? Highly unprofessional! Resign & get lost if you can’t do your job!!”