Netizens hail Congress spokesperson Alok Sharma for roasting Anjana Om Kashyap on live debate

Alok Sharma vs Anjana Om Kashyap: As the Gujarat elections are approaching, the debates on Gujarat is also increasing. While the Aam Aadmi Party is vigorously in the fray to take on the ruling BJP, on the other hand, Mallikarjun Kharge’s party Congress has also started strategizing after being elected as the new president. On the other hand, discussions and debate shows have also intensified on TV channels.

In the program “Halla Bol” with anchor Anjana Om Kashyap on Aaj Tak news channel, there was a heated argument between Congress spokesperson Alok Sharma and anchor Anjana Om Kashyap. During this, Congress spokesperson Alok Sharma started counting the plight of Gujarat in the TV show, then the audience sitting there started clapping.

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When Anchor Anjana Omkashyap asked that discussions on schools and advertisements are going on and last time Congress party was at number two, giving a tough competition to BJP, is your ground slipping this time, Congress spokesperson Alok Sharma showing the cuttings of newspapers, started counting the plight of the state and said, “Today only Ganja worth three crores has been found in the state.” On this the people sitting there started clapping.

Alok Sharma then slams media and says, “when 10g of ganja was found at Rhea Chakraborty’s house, entire media from Noida with their cameras reached outside NCB office in Mumbai but I challenge you to inform me if a single camera reached Adani Port when drugs worth thousand of crores were caught there.”

Earlier, he said that employees in 147 municipalities are on strike. After this, showing the photocopies of 22 papers, he said, “In the last eight years there has not been a single examination in Gujarat in which the paper has not been out. In the last two years, not a single job has been without a paper leak.”

Then showing the cutting of another newspaper, he said, “BJP is setting up AIMIM to make the election Hindu-Muslim.” He then said, “More than six thousand government schools have been closed in Gujarat. Is there any other state where more than six thousand schools have been closed.”

As expected, Kashyap began to face grief from Twitter users, who took potshots at her style of journalism. The video has now gone viral and netizens are hailing Congress spokesperson Alok Sharma for roasting Anjana Om Kashyap.

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