Nearly 3,000 doctors in Madhya Pradesh resign after High Court says strike “illegal”

Nearly 3,000 junior doctors mass resigned, hours after the Madhya Pradesh High Court on Thursday ordered the junior doctors of six government medical colleges in the state to return to work within 24 hours, who went on strike three days ago for their various demands.

Madhya Pradesh Junior Doctors Association (JUDA) President Arvind Meena said that about 3,000 junior doctors of six medical colleges of the state have collectively tendered their resignations to the Deans of their respective medical colleges on Thursday.

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He said that the state government has canceled the enrollment of junior doctors of the third year. So now how do we sit for the exam? It is to be known that junior doctors doing post-graduate (PG) get a degree in three years, while a diploma is obtained in two years.

Meena said that we will soon go to the Supreme Court to challenge the decision of the Madhya Pradesh High Court. He said that Medical Officers Association and Federation of Resident Doctors Association are also coming with us.

Just hours before this, a bench of Chief Justice of Madhya Pradesh High Court Justice Mohammad Rafiq and Justice Sujay Paul, terming the statewide government junior doctors’ strike as illegal, ordered the junior doctors to return to work within 24 hours yesterday (Friday). Was instructed to return to work by 2.30 pm.

The court said that if the junior doctors do not return to work after ending the strike within the prescribed time limit, then the state government should take strict action against them.

The bench has condemned the junior doctor’s going on strike during the Corona pandemic. The bench has said that the strike of junior doctors cannot be encouraged in any way during the calamity.

An application was filed in the High Court on behalf of Civil Line Jabalpur resident advocate Shailendra Singh against the statewide strike of the junior doctors.

Meanwhile, Madhya Pradesh Commissioner Medical Education Nishant Varwade told that the State Medical Education Minister Vishwas Sarang has discussed with their representatives many times regarding resolving the problems of junior doctors. The Medical Education Minister has also taken several steps for a positive solution to the demands.

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