NBDSA directs Zee News to take down show on Shehla Rashid for lack of Objectivity & Partiality

NBDSA directs Zee News to take down show on Shehla: The News Broadcasting and Digital Standards Authority (NBDSA) says that the program aired on Zee News on 30 November 2020 against JNU alumnus Shehla Rashid lacked fairness and only one side story was presented through the program.

According to Live Law’s report, NBDSA has directed to remove the video of the event from Zee News’ website, their YouTube channel and all other social media platforms.

Shehla Rashid had lodged a complaint with NBDSA against this program aired on 30 November 2020 at 11 pm. The program featured an interview of Shehla’s father, in which he made allegations against Shehla, her sister and mother.

It was also alleged that Shehla is involved in activities related to terrorist funding. During this, the anchor of the program claimed that Shehla Rashid is involved in ‘anti-national activities like terrorist funding’.

The NBDSA order dated March 31 said that by airing the allegations made against Shehla by the interviewee (Shehla’s father) in the program, the channel only presented a one-sided stand.

The order said, “The broadcaster did not contact the complainant (Shehla) before telecasting the program to know her side, rather the broadcaster avoided presenting Shehla’s side by merely citing the refutation of these allegations.” . In any case the statement of the complainant available on the social media post is not sufficient to comply with the guidelines.

NBDSA directs Zee News to take down show on Shehla Rashid

Issuing a warning to Zee News, the order said, “The Authority finds that such generalized statements are in violation of the Code of Conduct and Broadcasting Standards and Guidelines for Fairness in Reporting.” The broadcaster should be careful in future before broadcasting any alleging statements in any of its broadcasts.

NBDSA directed Zee News to exercise caution before telecasting any such programs in future and not to repeat such violations in future.

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