Nawab Malik drops his ‘hydrogen bomb’: Devendra Fadnavis has links with Dawood aide, shielded fake note racket

Mumbai cruise drug case case has now turned to counterfeit note. By holding a press conference today, NCP leader Nawab Malik has made many serious allegations against former Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. He said that Devendra Fadnavis was doing business of counterfeit notes in Maharashtra during his tenure as CM. Under his patronage, this business was going on across Pakistan and Bangladesh.

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Malik alleged that after demonetisation on November 8, 2016, counterfeit notes were caught at many places in the country, but not a single case was reported in Maharashtra for a whole year. On October 8, 2017, in a raid in Maharashtra, over 14 crore 56 lakh counterfeit notes were caught. Devendra Fadnavis worked to cover up that matter. The matter was suppressed by saying that the raid was only eight lakh 80 thousand. A case was registered and bail was granted within a few days. The matter was not referred to the NIA. Because, those who were running the counterfeit currency racket, they had the protection of the then government.

Devendra Fadnavis’s Underworld link
The NCP leader alleged that Fadnavis, while being the CM, provided political posts only to those having connections with the underworld. He made a person named Munna Yadav the chairman of the construction board. While, he was a mafia, there were many cases of murder registered against him. It is alleged that CM Fadnavis was doing the work of extortion money through Riyaz Bhati, a close aide of Dawood. The recovery was done by registering cases against the people. The landowners were caught and brought and all the lands were written in their names. During his tenure, people used to get calls from goons from abroad.

Riyaz Bhati reached the Prime Minister’s program
Malik said that Riyaz Bhati, a close aide of Dawood Ibrahim, was caught with two passports. A man who is caught with two passports gets bail within two days. He used to appear in BJP programs. He used to be seen at CM Devendra Fadnavis’s dinner table. Not only this, Riyaz Bhati had reached the Prime Minister’s program only with the blessings of Fadnavis.

Sameer Wankhede was handling counterfeit notes
Nawab Malik said that when the case of counterfeit currency came to light, it was Sameer Wankhede who was investigating the matter. It may be a coincidence, but how about the same officer every time? This matter should be investigated. He said that Sameer Wankhede is close to Devendra Fadnavis. That’s why efforts are being made to save him. DRI conducted raids against counterfeit notes in Mumbai. Help was provided through Sameer Wankhede to lighten the case.

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