Navika Kumar and Times Now receives bashing from UK-based news outlet for using ‘video game footage’ as Pak airforce in Panjshir

English news channel ‘Times Now’ and its senior representative Navika Kumar have once again come under attack from social media users as Indian TV channel was running fake news this time about the battle in Panjshir Valley of Afghanistan. A UK-based news platform busted this fake news run by an Indian TV channel, following which users are trolling Navika Kumar fiercely. At the same time, some Twitter users also targeted Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV.

Indeed, a fact-check by UK-based news platform UK Defense Journal has put more embarrassment on Times Now and Navika Kumar. Times Now, in its recent broadcast, had shown visuals of fighter jets which were claimed to be hovering over the Panjshir Valley in Afghanistan.

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The Times Now anchor said during the broadcast, “Breaking news coming in. We’ve got visuals of yet another tranche of Pakistani fighter jets that can be seen soaring the skies in Panjshir. These are the fighter jets that you can see on your screen facilitated by Pakistan to aid the Taliban forces as it tries to crush the resistance.”

Pradeep Dutta, the colleague of the anchor said, “If you look at these visuals, it indicates two things. One, Pakistani invasion in full force in Panjshir Valley. It’s not the Taliban that are fighting. Pakistani army is fighting on their behalf. Second thing is how Pakistan has been lying through their teeth. These visuals nail their lies.”

Meanwhile, a fact-check by the UK Defense Journal revealed that the video was not from the Panjshir Valley, but of an ‘American jet flying through Welsh valleys’ in the UK. Sharing the video from Times Now, George Ellison of UK Defense Journal tweeted, “Indian news channel @TimesNow has shared video footage it described as “1st visuals of a fighter jet, allegedly belonging to Pakistan, hovering over Panjshir Valley in Afghanistan”, the trouble? It’s an American jet flying through Welsh valleys. Here it is…”

After this tweet by George Ellison, social media users started trolling Times Now and its executive Navika Kumar. Several Twitter users also targeted Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV for airing fake visuals of drone strikes from Afghanistan.

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