Nashik family calls off inter-faith marriage function after wedding card circulated on social media

An example of the extent to which some fundamentalists can go to stop Hindu-Muslim marriage (inter-faith marriage) in the name of love jihad, has been seen in the city of Nashik, Maharashtra. Hindu parents got their handicapped daughter married to a Muslim boy when they could not find a boy in their society.

But after the court marriage, when it was organized to get this marriage done according to Hindu customs, it was opposed. The Hindu girl’s father came under pressure and had to cancel the event.

What’s the matter?
Prasad Adgaonkar, who runs a goldsmith’s shop, was upset that he could not find a suitable groom for his 28-year-old handicapped daughter Rasika. The reason for this was her disability.

He was delighted when Asif Khan, a classmate from Rasika’s school days, proposed to marry her. Both the families knew each other for a long time. So, religion did not come between them and both the parties agreed to this Hindu-Muslim marriage.

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A civil marriage took place in the court of Nashik and Rasika went to her in-laws’ house as well. It was decided that later the marriage would be solemnized at Rasika’s house as per Hindu rituals. But when Rasika’s father printed the card of this Hindu-Muslim marriage and sent it to the people, the issue of love jihad arose.

Oppose to Hindu-Muslim marriage
The wedding card became viral on social media, people started commenting on WhatsApp, creating various pressures, making memes and remarks. Even some unknown people threatened Rasika’s father through phone calls, calling it love jihad and also warning him.

wedding card

Rasika’s father Adgaonkar was called by the people of his community, a meeting was held and in this he was asked not to organize this program. He had to give a letter in which he said that the program has been cancelled.

Event canceled
Prasad Adgaonkar told the English newspaper ‘The Indian Express’, “Many kinds of pressure started coming from the people of the society and others, so it was decided that the wedding should be cancelled.

Sunil Mahalkar, president of Nashik-based Lad Suvarnakar Sanstha, said, “We have received a letter in which it has been said that this marriage ceremony has been cancelled.”

Interestingly, in this case neither the girl changed her religion, nor did she run away from home against the wishes of her parents, nor has anyone lodged a complaint with the police. This relationship happened with the will of his father.
love jihad! But it was opposed by calling it love jihad.

Reminding you that BJP, VHP Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal and RSS oppose the marriage of Hindu girls to Muslim boys by calling it love jihad. Their people beat up those who marry such marriages, implicating them in false cases. In most cases, even the police do not support the victims. It is another matter that they do not call the marriage of a Hindu boy with a Muslim girl as love jihad, nor do they oppose it.

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