Naseeruddin Shah slams Bollywood celebrities for staying mum on farmers: Says- When You Have Earned Enough To Provide For Seven Generations…

Actor Naseeruddin Shah has questioned the silence of Bollywood veterans regarding the farmer movement. Naseeruddin Shah has said that these giants are being afraid of losing their wealth. After all, when they have earned for 7 generations, how much will they lose?

In an interview, Naseeruddin Shah said, “If the farmers are sitting in winter, then we cannot keep quiet saying that we do not matter.” When everything is ruined, you will find the silence of friends more than the noise of enemies. To remain silent is to favor the victim. The arrogant people of our film industry are sitting silent. They feel they can lose a lot. You have earned so much money that 7 of your generations can sit and eat. Then how much will you lose? ‘

Naseeruddin Shah’s interview

Referring to the exodus of migrant laborers during the Corona period, Naseeruddin Shah said, ‘It was heartbreaking to see pictures of laborers during lockdown. The policemen who killed them were also from this section. When it comes to the film industry, someone rules that if you are 65, you cannot work. I used to think what would happen to the 65-year-old light boy and his family. ‘

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In an interview to Jamil Gulrej, Naseeruddin Shah did not name any actor or actress, but his reference was clearly to the celebrities who are still quiet. Let us tell you that many veteran stars including Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Amitabh Bachchan have kept silence about the farmer movement.

Naseeruddin Shah also expressed concern over the current situation in the country in the interview. Naseeruddin had said that secularism is getting weaker in the country. Regarding the Love Jihad laws made in many states including UP, they say that this is being done so that the relationship between Hindus and Muslims is not good and political tension can be taken away by creating tension. It is worth mentioning that Naseeruddin Shah has often been vocal on social and political issues.

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