“Narcissistic B*tch”: Kangana Ranaut slammed by netizens for her arrogant reply to Aamir Khan

Kangana Ranaut, the well-known “Panga Girl” in the film industry, has a reputation for making headlines with her controversial statements. Despite her fame for delivering some good acting performances, Kangana is equally recognized for her unpredictable behavior. Her words often make news and keep her in the limelight.

Recently, Kangana Ranaut stirred up the internet with her tweet regarding Bollywood actor Aamir Khan. In her tweet, the actress referred to Aamir as “bechara”. The tweet was a response to a question posed to Aamir about which actress would be suitable to play writer Shobhaa De in a film. Aamir had named actresses like Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, and Alia Bhatt.

Further, Aamir Khan said that these actresses would be capable of playing the role, but in the meantime, Shobhaa De interrupted him and said that he is forgetting to name an actress whose name is Kangana Ranaut. Aamir acknowledged Shobha’s suggestion and agreed that Kangana is an exceptional actress and would be able to play the character exceptionally well.

In her tweet, Kangana shared a video of the the conversation and wrote “Bechara”. The actress joked that “Bechara Aamir Khan … ha ha he tried his best to pretend like he doesn’t know that I am the only three times national award winning actress.”

She also pointed out that none of the actresses mentioned by Aamir were as accomplished as her. Finally, she expressed her gratitude towards Shobhaa De, writing, “Thank you @DeShobhaa ji, I would love to play play you”.

In her tweet, Kangana added, “Shobaa ji and I have opposing political views but that doesn’t stop her from acknowledging my art, hard work and dedication to my craft that is the reflection of one’s integrity and value system…. “

She then expressed her well wishes for Shobha’s new book. Kangana also stated, “Sorry I have four national awards already and a PadmaShri my fans reminded I don’t even remember how many I have.”

This didn’t land well for Kangana and netizens mercilessly trolled her left, right and centre. Many of the users called her ‘arrogant’ and ‘narcissistic’. A user tweeted’ “You are becoming narcissistic and self centered for your achievements. One should be proud of their achievements but not always gloating over it.”

One tweeted, “I will pay you take this narcissistic self centered psycho off twitter Elon Musk.”

Another user tweeted, “There was a time when I really admired Kangana as a person and also her brilliant acting. But all she does now is bathe in her vitriolic narcissism. Looking down upon everyone and thinking the world revolves around her. What a fall from grace…!!”