‘Nagaraju was ready to accept Islam to marry me but…’, says Dalit youth’s deceased wife Ashrin Sulthana

Syed Ashrin Sulthana alias Pallavi, wife of 25-year-old Nagaraju, a Dalit youth killed in an honor killing case in Hyderabad, got emotional as she remembered her husband’s last words. According to Ashrin, when she cautioned Nagaraju that his brothers are aggressive and if the two get married, then anything could happen. To this, Nagaraju told her that he would ‘live and die’ with her. He had said that he was also ready to give his life for Ashrin, but would marry her.

Nagaraju’s wife Syed Ashrin Sulthana alias Pallavi said in a conversation with the media, “Since months before our marriage, I tried to persuade him to marry someone else. Because I didn’t want his life to be in danger because of me. Later, when my family members came to know about our marriage, they threatened to kill Nagaraju while he was on his way to work.” Ashrin is also sad that no one came to her husband’s rescue, even she had appealed to the people present there for help.

Ashrin told that she and Nagaraju made a lot of requests to the family members. Even Nagaraju was ready to become a Muslim. Nagaraju told the family members that he was ready to accept Islam to marry Ashrin. However, the mother did not listen to him. Then both of them went against the wishes of the family members and got married.

Had the onlookers helped, my husband would have been alive today: Ashrin Sulthana
Ashrin alias Pallavi said, “If the onlookers had helped, my husband would have been alive today. It is not only about us, people should come forward to help the victim whenever such a crime happens anywhere in the world. The attack on Nagaraju continued for 15-20 minutes, but no one helped.”

She cried and said, “They were hitting Raju on the head. No one helped. I tried hard to save him. First my brother did not show up, later when I saw my brother, I asked him for help. But he didn’t listen. Before marriage, my brother used to beat me with a rod. After marriage, we went to the police station, wrote a letter about the danger of life. There is so much anger inside me with the way they hit Raju with a rod. I want to kill them in the same way and take their lives.”

Dalit youth’s deceased wife Syed Ashrin Sulthana

Nagaraju had to pay the price of his love marriage with Ashrin Sulthana

Nagaraju and Syed Ashrin Sultana (aka Pallavi) had an inter-religious marriage 2 months back against the wishes of the family. Nagaraju (25) was stabbed to death in the Saroornagar Tehsildar office at around 9 pm on May 4. The attackers fled from the spot. Many passers-by recorded the incident on their phones and some even clicked pictures of Nagaraju’s body. The video of the attack is viral on social media. The murder of Nagaraju has been blamed on the brother and family members of his wife Ashrin.

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