‘My boyfriend is with the Army, My dad is signing up for a territorial defence squad’: Ukranian MP Inna Sovsun

A Ukrainian Inna Sovsun member of parliament has said that people in Kyiv are trying to take part in the resistance against the Russian forces in any way possible. Lawmaker Inna Sovsun now has a gun for the first time in her life. She says weapons were provided to all members of parliament after the first attack. Now she’s ready to defend herself and the capital.

MP Inna Sovsun, deputy leader of the pro-European party Holos, posted a tweet February on 27. She tweeted with her picturem, “My dad is signing up for a territorial defence squad. My boyfriend is with the Army. I’m working as hard as I can to give information to the world about what is happening here. But if need be – I’m ready to fight”

She further told, “Because this is my city, we’re not giving it to the Russians and we don’t have anywhere to surrender.”

Her 61-year-old father is also going to help defend the country, even though he has trouble with his knees.
He says at least, he could crawl.

“I’ve got an assault rifle next to me, and I’m ready to use it if needed.” Word of Inna Sovsun, a member of the Ukrainian Parliament for the opposition party Holos (Voce), who made the decision to be immortalized alongside a Kalashnikov, a photo that soon became viral.

“I work as a professor. I’ve been teaching at the university for 12 years. And so I don’t know how to use weapons. I have no military experience or anything else, I never thought I had a rifle and I have never been trained to use it. “

The deputy recalls how, with the outbreak of the war, the Ukrainian govt held an emergency session of Parliament and afterwards they were given the weapons to defend themselves, to defend their city. I guess most of the Members of Parliament have received guns.”

“My job now is to speak to the international public and explain to the world community about the atrocities that Putin is carrying out here in Ukraine. I know that this way I can be very useful and I have the skills, but if I have to, if necessary, I will use the weapon and I will use it only because I do not want to surrender. I am staying here”, the opposition MP told news channels.

“In these four days following the outbreak of the conflict, the deputy points out, many people are volunteering by enlisting in the territorial defense units. A lot of them aren’t trained and frankly the only time I’ve cried in the past four days was when I saw the lines outside the Army Recruiting Office. There I saw the spirit of the nation”, said the Ukrainian MP.

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