Muslim man’s home set ablaze by mob in UP’s Agra over inter-faith marriage, girl says – Married of my own free-will’

Inter-faith marriage: Recently, in Agra, the house of a Muslim man was set on fire by a Hindutva mob accusing him of kidnapping a Hindu girl student and marrying her. But now there is a twist in this matter. The girl has now told the court that she has married of her own free will. She wants to be with her husband. After recording her statement, the girl has been kept at Asha Jyoti Center. The girl’s family had come to the court but the girl refused to meet and talk to them.

Let us inform you that a girl student from the district had gone missing from the house. The family had filed a case against the gym operator and accused him of kidnapping. The family members of the girl had gheraoed the Sikandra police station. Angry people had set fire to the houses of the accused, his brother and uncle.

The police have sent nine accused, including the head and the district panchayat member, to jail in this case. To take Ritika’s statement, the police had now produced her in the court on Wednesday. SPO Vinod Kumar Yadav told that the girl has said that she is an adult. She has married Sajid of her own free will. She wants to live with her husband. The discriminant gave an application on this in the court. Said the matter is sensitive. The victim’s husband is not in court. An order to give it in proper delivery should be passed. Since the victim is an adult. Therefore, the court gave an oral order that the discriminant herself should decide the delivery. When the police asked the girl about Sajid, she denied the information.

Inter-faith marriage

The girl’s family had come to the court. They wanted to talk to their daughter. The police said that the girl can talk only if she wants. Since the girl is an adult, if any allegation is made, then the police can also get into trouble. There were tears in the eyes of the family. They were looking at the daughter from afar thinking that maybe the daughter will talk, will be ready to go along. The girl didn’t talk. The family returned disappointed.

On April 11, 22-year-old Ritika Jain, a resident of Runkta, Agra, went away with her boyfriend Sajid. The family members had filed a case of kidnapping against Sajid. On the other hand, on 12 April, Sajid changed his religion in Delhi, became Sahil, then married Ritika Jain in the Arya Samaj temple according to Hindu customs. On April 13, Ritika falls in the hands of the police. A panchayat was held in Runkta on 15th April, after which people get angry and set fire to the house of Sajid’s brother and uncle. However, now the police are waiting for Sajid to come, if he comes, Ritika will be sent with him.

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