Muslim man donated land worth Rs 1 crore for Hanuman temple in Karnataka, set example of brotherhood

A Muslim businessman has donated 1634 square feet of land to expand a Hanuman temple built on the outskirts of Bengaluru. The price of this land is being estimated from Rs 80 lakh to Rs 1 crore. People are praising this decision of Muslim businessman.

MMG Basha, who does business of Goods Transport Service, noticed that there is a Hanuman ji temple adjacent to his three acres of land in Valagerapuru. The number of devotees was constantly increasing in this temple, due to which there were many problems. The Trust was planning to expand the temple but could not succeed due to lack of funds. Basha told Hanuman Mandir Trust that they are willing to donate their land. Since the land was near the highway, it cost a lot.

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Although the temple trust had demanded 1089 square feet of land, it had donated 1,634 land after talking to Basha with his family. The cost of this land is up to one crore rupees. He gave this land to the trust of the temple without any money. The trust has put up a banner and thanked Basha and his family.

Talking to the media, Basha said that Hindus and Muslims have been living together for a long time. There is a lot of talk of divisive things today. If we want to progress, we need to unite as a country. Their decision has been highly praised by the residents there. Basha’s move and flex banners put up by the temple trust have gone viral among netizens and others.

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