Multibagger Stock: Adani Green Energy’s share rises from Rs 37 to Rs 2279 in three years

Investing in the stock market is risky, but there are many multibagger stocks that have given great returns to the investors. These stocks have garnered investors during the COVID-19 pandemic and in FY22 as well. Today we are going to tell about one such stock, which has reached the level of Rs 37 to Rs 2279 during three years and is still in discussion about giving returns to investors.

Shares of Green Energy of Adani Group have given returns of around 6,000 per cent to the shareholders in the last three years. However, some other shares of Adani Group have also given good returns to the investors. Let’s know the complete details about the share of Adani Green Energy.

Adani Green Energy Shares
This stock has been falling since last one month. During this period, the share price of Green Energy has fallen from around Rs 28,000 to Rs 2,279, registering a fall of nearly 20 percent. However, even after this fall, the stock has given huge returns year-on-year or in 2022. During this, it has increased from Rs 1347 per share to the level of Rs 2279, which has registered almost 70 percent strength in 2022. In the last six months also, it has given returns of around 70 percent while in the last one year it has given 75 percent.

61 times the return
On 17 May 2019, the share price of Adani Green Energy had closed at Rs 37.40 on NSE. The share price of Adani Green Energy today is ₹ 2279. So, in these 3 years, this Adani stock has given multibagger returns, which is 61 times.

Calculation of shares
If you understand the share calculation of Adani Green Energy, then if an investor had invested Rs 1 lakh in this Adani stock a month ago, then in this period it would have got Rs 80,000 of 1 lakh. Whereas it would have been Rs 1.70 lakh in YTD. Similarly, a year ago, this share of Adani Group would have fetched Rs 1.75 lakh.

61 lakh in three years
On the other hand, if an investor had invested 1 lakh in this multibagger stock three years ago, then a share would have become Rs 61 lakh today at the level of Rs 37.40.

What is the situation in a falling market
Adani Green Energy on Friday ended with a market capitalization of Rs 3,60,153 crore and its trading volume on Friday was around 13.25 lakh, which is slightly lower than its 20-day average volume of around 13.33 lakh. Adani Green’s book value per share is 16.62.

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