Multi Bagger Stock: EKI Energy Services shares started with Rs 102 gave 6900% return in just one year

EKI Energy Services: Since the listing of Life Insurance Company of India (LIC) in the IPO market, there has been a continuous decline in the shares. Meanwhile, there is also a stock in an IPO market, which has given great returns to the investors. During a year, this stock has made investors rich. A share of Rs 102 has become a share of Rs 7200 in today’s time.

Shares of EKI Energy Services were offered at Rs 102 per share in the IPO (Initial Public Offering) market in March 2021. Shares of EKI Energy got listed on BSE at Rs 140 per share on 7 April 2021, giving 37 per cent listing gain to the participants.

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After this, the per share price of the company closed at Rs 147 on BSE SME exchange. EKI Energy share price today is Rs 7200 per share. That is, if an investor had bought shares worth Rs 102, then one share has reached Rs 7200 today. Shareholders have got a return of about 6900 percent during this period.

EKI Energy Share
Since the strong listing, its stock has reached a high of Rs 12,599.95 in January 2022. It remains the all time favorite ‘Sell on Rise’ stock. This multibagger stock has lost over 6 per cent in the past one month, while it has fallen over 30 per cent in YTD time. Its shares have risen from 5450 to 7 thousand 2 hundred in the last 6 months, during which it has registered a rise of 32 percent. At the same time, this stock has registered an increase of 6900 percent in one year.

impact on investors
Calculated on the basis of growth of EKI Energy share, then if an investor had invested Rs 1 lakh in this stock a month ago, then his Rs 1 lakh would have become Rs 94,000 today, while in YTD time this amount has fallen further to Rs 70,000 turns into Whereas 6 months ago, by investing 1 lakh in this multibagger stock, the total amount would have been Rs 1.32 lakh. At the same time, after listing, Rs 1 lakh would have become 70 lakh.

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