MP Police reached out to Pandokhar Baba to solve murder mystery, ASI suspended after video goes viral

In Madhya Pradesh, the police reached out to a baba to find the criminals. In Chhatarpur district, the police tried to get the names of the accused from Pandokhar Baba instead of investigating to solve the murder mystery. The ASI involved in the case was suspended after the video of the incident went viral.

The police reached out to a Baba in Pandokhar Sarkar Dham to solve the murder of a 17-year-old girl in Chhatarpur and arrested a man on the basis of Baba’s knowledge. The police arrested the uncle of the deceased girl and sent him to jail. At the same time, when the video of this incident went viral, the Chhatarpur Superintendent of Police suspended the ASI Ashok Sharma associated with the matter and attached the line to the station in-charge.

MP Police reached out to Pandokhar Baba to solve murder mystery

The body of 17-year-old daughter of Hariram Ahirwar was found on July 28 in Ota Purwa of Bamitha police station area of ​​Chhatarpur district. Two days later, the body of the missing girl was found floating in the well under suspicious circumstances. The relatives of the deceased girl had accused three homogeneous boys of the village of killing the girl after gang-raping and throwing the body in the well.

A 17-year-old minor girl studied in class 12 in RDS School Bamitha. She lived at home with her grandparents. The relatives of the deceased had accused the youths of the village Ravi Ahirwar, Gudda alias Rakesh Ahirwar, Aman Ahirwar of murder. Based on the knowledge of Pandokhar Baba, the police arrested the uncle of the deceased without any investigation. The police claimed in the disclosure that the accused uncle was suspicious of the character of the niece, so he strangled her to death and threw the body in the well.

After which the relatives of the deceased complained about the matter to the SP. After which SP Sachin Sharma suspended ASI Ashok Sharma according to the video. Along with this, while attaching the line to Bamitha police station in-charge Pankaj Sharma, Khajuraho SDOP Manmohan Singh Baghel has been given the responsibility to conduct further investigation. Along with this, the SP has also ordered to investigate the matter. At the same time, the Bamitha police have started investigating the matter by registering a case under Section 363.

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