MP Police made journalists semi-naked for running news against BJP MLA

MP Police made journalists semi-naked: A picture that shames the country has emerged from from Madhya Pradesh. This picture of the plight of journalists in the country is coming from Sidhi district of Madhya Pradesh where the police of Sidhi district has called the journalists to the police station and made them stand in a semi-naked state. It is being told that most of them run YouTube channels and this has been done to them for running a news against the BJP MLA.

There is also a journalist Kanishk Tiwari in this picture, he runs news on his YouTube channel in Bagheli. His channel has one and a half lakh subscribers. It is being told that he was associated with News Nation Channel.

MP Police made journalists semi-naked

According to reports, these journalists had run news against BJP MLA Kedarnath Shukla, due to which Shukla was angry. On his behest, the Sidhi police registered an FIR against Kanishk and his associates and humiliated them in this way by calling them at the police station. At the same time, the police say that these people write and show news against the BJP government and MLAs with fake IDs.

MP Police made journalists semi-naked

Right now this picture has stirred the media world! Let us tell you that just a day ago, a press conference was organised in the Delhi Press Club against the harassment of journalists across the country. In the recent past, there were reports of journalists being harassed for publishing news in the paper leak case and EVM cases in UP. A series of exploitation of journalists by the ruling parties has started in the country.

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