MP: Man rapes 25-year-old daughter for marrying outside caste, strangles her to death

Madhya Pradesh Police has arrested a 55-year-old man for raping and killing his 25-year-old daughter (Man rapes daughter) in Bhopal. According to the police, the father was unhappy with the daughter’s marriage with a boy of another caste. The accused had allegedly killed his daughter on October 5, but the matter came to light when the police recovered the body of the woman and her eight-month-old child on Sunday, police said.

City Superintendent of Police (SP) Umesh Tiwari said, “The accused had dumped his daughter’s body in a forest near Ratibad area of ​​Bhopal and abandoned the child.” He said that the child died due to pneumonia.

Tiwari said that during investigation the police identified the woman as a resident of Shujalpur in Shajapur district and her in-laws told them that the woman had gone to her elder sister’s house in Bhopal. He said, “Police questioned her sister. She told us that the woman along with her eight-month-old son had come to Bhopal on October 20 to celebrate Diwali as the husband had gone to Raipur to work in a tent house.”

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Giving details of the developments, Tiwari said that the woman’s son died of pneumonia. She did not share this information with her husband. The elder sister called her father and brother living in the neighboring district of Sehore to Bhopal. Tiwari said, “The father, who broke all ties with the woman after the inter-caste marriage, came and asked her to bury the child’s body. The father and brother took the woman to the forest to bury the child’s body.

The city SP said, “The man asked his son to guard the bike and the daughter to come with him to the forest. The man asked the reason behind the inter-caste marriage and he assaulted her but the woman did not say anything. Later he raped her and strangled her to death. He fled with his son leaving the body of the woman and her son in the forest.”

On October 6, the father-son informed the elder daughter about the murder of the woman. The city SP said that the son and daughter were not aware that their sister was being raped by their father. After the police recovered the body, the condition of the woman and clothes revealed that the woman had been raped before the murder. This was confirmed in the preliminary post-mortem report on Monday.

Police arrested a man from a village in Sehore district and his 23-year-old son, who was an accomplice in the crime, under sections 302 (murder) and 376 (rape) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

The father told the police that the villagers used to make fun of his daughter for her inter-caste marriage. Many relatives had stopped inviting him to their home. “I was looking for the spot and when my daughter told me about it, I couldn’t control my anger,” the father told the police.

Police station in-charge Sudesh Tiwari said, ‘After being informed by the police, the woman’s husband came to know about the murder of the woman on Monday. The woman did not have a mobile phone. She had contacted her husband last time on Diwali by borrowing the mobile phone of her sister’s landlord.”

The husband said, ‘I used to call the landlord’s number but he used to say that my wife has returned to her house. But my family told me that she did not come. I felt that the woman’s family was preventing my wife from talking to me. The landlord had also lodged a complaint of abuse against me with the Ratibad police, so I stopped calling him and I was planning to come to meet my wife, but before that the police informed me about the murder.’ ‘

He said, ‘After escaping, they got married one-and-a-half years back. The father filed a fake missing complaint of the woman with the Bilkisganj police in Sehore, but we informed the police that we were married. The girl’s father threatened my wife that if she ever returned to his house, she would kill her.”

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