MP: Aruna Upadhyay became councilor on Owaisi’s AIMIM ticket from Khargone, said ‘Doesn’t believe in Hindu-Muslim binary’

The election results of Khargone Municipality of Madhya Pradesh were shocking. Asaduddin Owaisi’s party AIMIM won three wards in the results declared on Wednesday. At the same time, Aruna Upadhyay, who became a councilor on the ticket of AIMIM, said that she does not believe in Hindu-Muslim binary.

Aruna Upadhyay said, “For me the issue has been to serve the public. That’s why I have come to the AIMIM party. I do not believe in Hindu-Muslim, because we all are human beings. Everyone lives together, that is good.”

She said, “There were many challenges during the election, which I cannot count, I got so much love, so I have forgotten all the challenges. I hope that I continue to receive love in the future.” She said that she has not spoken to Owaisi yet, but will talk to him soon.

AIMIM city president Sarfaraz Khan said that this is the beginning of change. People are upset with BJP and Congress. The problems in the area have been identified. We will work on them.

Aruna defeated BJP candidate by 31 votes
In ward number-2, in front of Aruna, BJP’s Sunita Gangle, Congress’s Shilpa Soni were in the fray. Beating all these, Aruna got 643 votes. At the same time, Sunita of BJP got 612 votes. Congress came third here with 458 votes. Aruna won by 31 votes. There are 2915 total voters in ward 02 of Khargone. 70 percent of the population in the ward is Muslim.

Aruna Upadhyay thanks AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi for giving her ticket

Let us inform that AIMIM and Aam Aadmi Party, which entered the fray for the first time in the Madhya Pradesh civic elections, have given a shocking performance. AAP snatched the post of mayor in Singrauli Municipal Corporation from BJP. At the same time, Owaisi’s party won several councilor posts in Jabalpur, Burhanpur, Khandwa and Khargone.

Owaisi tweeted and wrote- “7 candidates of Khargone have won the municipal elections. A heartfelt thank you to the people of Khargone for showing their respect to us and awarding the Majlis with your valuable votes. The people of Khargone rejected the politics of hate and succeeded our candidate Aruna Upadhyay. We thank Aruna ji. Her victory has truly set an example of secularism and Hindu-Muslim unity in Khargone.”

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