‘Most disgusting & shameful’: Netizens ridicule India Today’s Shiv Aroor for comparing SC’s remarks on Mohammed Zubair with Nupur Sharma

India Today’s Shiv Aroor on Wednesday faced widespread humiliation for a tweet on Supreme Court’s decision on Alt News co-founder Mohammed Zubair in all the six cases filed against him in UP. This was after Aroor did a show comparing the observations made by the Supreme Court judges in Mohammed Zubair and Nupur Sharma case.

During the live show, the anchor while giving information about the release of Mohammad Zubair said, “We have a lot of respect for the Supreme Court but we want to show, what the Supreme Court has said on Nupur Sharma and Mohammad Zubair.”

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Then he showed through the slide that the Supreme Court has asked Nupur Sharma that why she made such statements(on Prophet Muhammad) while Zubair was told that he cannot be stopped from tweeting. A video from the show shared by Shiv Aroor himself is going viral on social media.

Twitterati were quick to react to Aroor’s remarks on the apex court’s judgment. The pro-establishment TV anchor soon began to face widespread condemnation from netizens, who accused him of ‘BJP propagandist’. Others reminded the TV anchor how he deliberately avoided mentioning that despite being charged under same IPC offences, Zubair spent 24 days jail, whereas Nupur wasn’t even interrogated. Some even called it ‘Contempt of Court’.

This is how Twitterati reacted:

India Today’s anchor Shiv Aroor trolled
India Today’s anchor Shiv Aroor trolled

This is not the first time a member of the Indian TV channels, often dubbed as lapdog media, Indian TV channels and their anchors have earned notoriety for having severely compromised their editorial integrity in their bid to act as spokespersons for the ruling BJP. While many link their brazen biases for the BJP to their desperation to stay employed, others believe that Modi’s grip over power has emboldened them to display their Hindutva ideology with impunity.

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